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Acrylic / Resin Art & Handmade Ceramics

The concept of Twists of Life is not only to provide an avenue to buy original Singapore made acrylic & resin art and handmade ceramics but to also give an insight on the process of making. I believe that people treasure a piece even more when they also have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the making of the piece. With my pieces, which are both functional and decorative, I hope to share my passion and inspirations for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

Visit my online shop or get in touch with me if you would like to learn these art forms.

Designed & Made by Kalia Chellen

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My Products

Handmade Ceramics

All Twists of Life items are designed and made by me in my home studio right here in Singapore.


A lot of work and love have been put in these truly unique pieces. Whether they are hand-built or thrown on the Potter’s wheel, each piece goes through multiple stages and firings to achieve the final results. Given its handmade nature, items that are part of a set may differ slightly, just like everyone of us is unique. I offer both functional and decorative pieces that are timeless. Only curated designs end up on my online shop for my customers to enjoy.

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Acrylic & Resin Art

In September 2020, I expanded my Twists of Life brand to also include acrylic & resin painting. I focus predominantly on a few fluid art techniques for my pieces. 


While I generally have a concept or color theme in mind when I am painting, much like with clay, I believe that paint also has a mind of its own at times. Often during the making of a piece, the original vision is transformed by the organic nature of this art form. When this happens, I simply embrace the new outcome and let the creativity run wild.

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