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Abstract Painting & Handmade Ceramics


Product Design - For Ceramics Only

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Commissioned Work

You have seen a piece that you would like made with some slight changes or you like a particular design that we produce but you wished it was in a different size, a different color, or both perhaps.


Or, you are looking at buying a design in bulk at wholesale pricing (a minimum of 15 pieces applies)!


Fear not, Twists of Life will gladly help you customize or create your unique pieces. 

Simply contact us with all the necessary requirements for a quote and an estimated delivery date.

Product Viewing

At Twists of Life, we understand that buying a piece of ceramic or a painting can be expensive and/or a very personal experience for some. This is why we offer our Singapore based customers the ability to view, touch and feel a piece they are interested in buying should they wish to do so.

There is absolutely no obligation to buying the piece post the viewing.

Simply, get in touch with us to make an appointment!

Singapore Only &

By Appointment Only

You would like something unique made but you do not have a clear idea of what you would like exactly? I'll be happy to set up a meeting to discuss it with you and provide some concept ideas along with some rough sketches of the piece. We can make adjustments to the design until you are happy with the concept. Once the design is finalized, I will provide you with a quote along with an estimated delivery date for the commissioned piece(s).

A flat design fee of $100 will be charged for this service.


The service includes:

- an initial 30 mins to 1 hr discussion to understand the requirements.

- a 1 to 2 hr meeting to go over the proposed concepts.

- Colour and clay recommendation for the piece.

 - Adjustments to the concepts until the design is finalized.

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