Tired of your plain and boring wooden serving boards? Why not give it some character by adding a cool piece of artwork and dazzle your family & friends at your next social gathering.  Simply let me know the colors and style of artwork (or theme) that you would like.


Artwork size will be for one third to half of your board size, where the board size is no bigger than 40 cm *  16 cm.


Please allow up to 4 weeks for the finished product to be delivered to your door, nicely packaged.


Given the nature of this art, it is impossible to replicate another piece exactly. Pieces can be similar in style yet unique in their own right. Owning a piece of artwork, let alone a customized one at that, does not have to break the bank!


Exclusive Deal on New Boards:

Don't have a board, or would like a new board? Fear not! We have a 10% off exclusive deal with Kraton Home on all their serving boards (subject to availability) when purchased via Twists of Life. Check out the catalog attached for the board options or visit their website. Don't forget to provide the product code of the selected board in the relevant field when you place the order here.


If you have a larger board or you would like the artwork done on a larger board from Kraton Home, drop me an email with the sizing and I will provide you the revised price for the artwork.


If you have any questions regarding our service or you are not sure where to start, please send me an email at kalia.chellen@twistsoflife.com or give me a call on +65 91816442.

Artwork on Serving Board - Customized

Board Selection
  • All Twists of Life items are designed and made by me in my home studio right here in Singapore.


    Please be aware that the colors you see on your screen may differ slightly from the actual colors in person due to different lighting, exposure, and settings that we all have set on our electronic devices. I try to get pictures as clear and as close as possible to its true colors. At times, some of the pictures may not do justice to how stunning these pieces truly are.


    Videos/pictures have been taken in sunlight to show the shimmer and sparkle in some of the pieces. Please note there may be a reflection in some of the videos/pictures due to the direct sunlight.

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